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  • 6 Days Left!

    Here we are… in the 6-day home stretch of our campaign! We are committed to bringing Lugabug to market. 

    We know you backed this project because you: 1) Can’t wait to use Lugabug on your next family vacation; 2) Know of someone who needs Lugabug and are super excited to share it with a friend or donate to a school auction; 3) Feel great contributing to an entrepreneurial effort and playing a key role in bringing a new product to market!

    Whatever the reason, we are happy to have YOU on our backer team. We know it’s still possible to achieve our goal, even with the limited amount of time we have left. We are getting more clear on our target market through our campaign efforts and have recently engaged a PR firm to ensure we get to the right people at the right time. We are asking for your help in talking to 2 friends in the next 2 days about Lugabug, and encouraging them to be a part of this backer team. 

    Get your 25% discount at with our refer-a-friend program. Just let us know who you referred and we’ll get you a promo code! Good through April 1, 2015.

    Insider tip: The Green Hearts

    We also would love for you to check out "the Green Hearts" – a project we've recently backed – developed by our friends in NYC. We all love our fruits & veggies, especially for a long day of traveling! Here's a great way to extend their freshness – This is your early bird chance for "the Green Hearts" on Kickstarter. 

    It really seems to work, and Green Hearts offer a money back guarantee! The Green Hearts are designed in a way that keeps curious kids out! It's easily opened by adults only when it comes to refill them so they can further extend the freshness of your fruits and vegetables.Spending too much on (organic) fresh produce? Here's a proven method to keep them fresher much longer. Plus: you'll reduce waste and it's kid friendly. Sounds good to us!