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  • 2 More Days!

    Travel. Why travel? Sometimes purely for fun and other times out of necessity – whether for vacation, business, a wedding, to see family or just to get away. It’s a shared memory. The opportunity to meet a new friend. Experience something new. A reminder that we’re all connected in one way or another. Our travels have shaped our character and changed who we are in this world.

    We love that Lugabug is a product that helps inspire easy traveling for families – and we love that you will share in those memories with your family for a lifetime. Traveling with kids opens up their world to new perspectives and creates the opportunity to connect with people on so many levels. What a gift you and I can give kids and family through travel. And if Lugabug can kick start your vacation in a fun, positive direction? We’ve succeeded!

    With 2-days of this journey left, we want to once again thank you for your contributions – whether getting the Lugabug for travel use or simply supporting this effort, we appreciate you!

    Please give Lugabug one more blast – between today and tomorrow. Check out the groups you belong to and share what’s excited you about the product!

    P.S. We are working to update our Lugabug site as we speak, and will share with you soon. We also hope that we can incorporate a way to contribute to a youth exchange or global youth education program through our efforts with Lugabug. If you have any ideas of who we can partner with, please share!

    Jennie & Jon