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  • Let's Go Beach Bumming!

    Summer.  It’s my favorite time of year.  A time to turn off alarms, throw out schedules, let the adventure lead you and make memories with your family.  One of our favorite travel destinations has been Dana Point in Southern California, featuring some of the finest beaches in the world.  Their official motto is “Harboring the Good Life” and the good life it is.  From shopping to beaches to water sports, there is something to keep every member of my little tribe happy!

    Having experienced the best of the area, we’ve come up with our own short list of our favorite Dana Point area beaches.  Naturally, as a mom, there are some essentials to look for when determining the best beaches.  Must haves include: clean bathrooms, shallow breakers, lots of life guards, clean water and short walks from the car to the sand.  Keeping these top of mind, we suggest the following to all you beach bumming families:

    Baby Beach, Dana Point Harbor

    This is one of the kids favorite hot spots….admittedly I like it too!  The beach can be busy on the weekends, but navigating the sometimes larger crowds is worth it! One of the highlights of Baby Beach is the CALM water!  Plus, there is always a lifeguard on duty during the summer.  The beach is just a few short steps from two different parking lots.  And there is FREE parking.  Plus, it’s a great place for beginner paddle boarders, sailors, etc. and that is precisely what I am!  Right next to Baby Beach is The Ocean Institute. Not only did they have a cool “pirate ship” the kids had a bonus experience in dissecting a mackerel.  The crowd in this area is all littles and families.  We love this harbor.  “The water is deep enough to play in but, not deep enough to drown in” according to my favorite oldestJ

    Strands Beach, Dana Point

    This beach is more of a hidden gem than a go-to destination flocked by tourists.  There is plenty of free parking but the trek to the beach can be a bit of a challenge if you’re carrying lots of gear or lots of littles!  The steps leading to the beach provide a beautiful view and there’s a funicular available in the summer.  This beach has tons of flat sandy space and gorgeous scenery.  A lifeguard keeps watch in the summer and the bathrooms are clean and easily accessible.  Best part according to Addyson is the “workout on the way down, the surf that breaks away from the shore and the warm shower steps away”.  We love this beach as it’s frequently less busy than some of the other major beaches in the area. 

    Doheney Beach, Dana Point


    This is not a fancy beach rather a simple beach.   Sometimes simple is best.  There is plenty of parking; while not free the cost is reasonable and located just steps from the beach.  This is a great place for watching the surf break and even better, watching the surfers!  There are plenty of tables, BBQ grills, volleyball courts and a spot to rent everything from bicycles to surf boards.  The bathrooms are close by and clean and there are plenty of lifeguards.  This is a favorite early evening spot for our tribe.  The crowd thins out, the vibe is chill and the scenery is peaceful!

    We have met fabulous families from all over in Dana Point.  Many of them traveling with multiple littles.  Families from New Zeeland to New Mexico. All of them making memories.  Families who love the free hand the Lugabug offers. 

    Go Travel.  Make Memories.  Take the Kids.  Take the Lugabug!