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  • Where the Heck is Matt?

    Gotta dance like there's nobody watching! Been there done that? Oh, I’m sure you have. And if you haven’t for some time you might just want to after reading about ‘Where the Heck is Matt?’

    What would the world look like and feel like if we took less time focusing on the negative and more time looking at the positives? You know – the glass half empty versus half full concept. So what makes people generally happy?  What puts a smile on someone’s face?  Think Justin Timberlake here.  “I can’t stop the feeling!  So just dance, dance, dance!” 

    Matt Harding had these exact thoughts.  While working in Australia in early 2000, Matt began to realize there was more than the life in his “bubble”.  He quit his job and began traveling the world.  With each destination, he filmed himself dancing – mostly in front of iconic landmarks.  After uploading the videos to his blog, the dancing eventually went viral. 

    “Matt thinks travel is important. It helps us learn what we’re capable of, that the path laid in front of us isn’t the only one we can choose, and that we don’t need to be so afraid of each other all the time.”   Matt Harding dances with people all over the world.  He makes videos of it and puts them on YouTube to show that the world is a whole lot safer and friendlier that it looks on TV. 

    Lugabug totally gets Matt’s vision. We believe the world has so much to offer and getting out to explore with your kids it is a must do.  When Matt began taking his son with him on dance-capades, his airport journey looked a bit like this… until Matt and Lugabug discovered each other. 

    No longer does Matt or son endure the perils of a suitcase ride-on. Matt shares his love for Lugabug with friends and family, wherever his dancing feet might lead him: “The Lugabug is a canvas seat and a strap that mounts on my rolly-bag so I can cart the boy and make us into a train… Invented by a couple in Seattle… Makes traveling easier and more fun… We’re on our way to SF and LA for a weekend of dancing badly.”  

    The Lugabug compact travel seat attaches to a carry-on suitcase and makes navigating an airport with kids a breeze. It’s been Matt’s family travel go-to ever since!  The result?  A snug seat for tired feet and a safe, adventuresome trip through the airport! Matt takes the Lugabug on his journeys.  Where will you take yours?  Go travel.  Make memories. Take the Kids!  Take the Lugabug!