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  • This is the Time

    Recently the dad of one of my daughter’s friends told me that he wished he would have taught his now tween kids to ski, “I grew up skiing. I was even a ski instructor." A flash of nostalgia crossed his mind as he smiled. In asking what got in his way he laughed and said, “I don’t know. I guess we’ve never made the time." I responded, “It’s never too late. There’s time."

    Time, it flies. We all know that. We’re constantly reminded by those close to us and strangers with grown kids, “It goes by so fast." As we reflect on 2016 take caution in falling into the “I wish I would have, could have or should have”... rather think on the times that filled your heart and made you smile.

    Likely you’ll find a common theme. For me, it was mostly times spent away from the house, together as a family. It was an unexpected act of kindness; a loosely planned adventure that unraveled in pure fun; an impromptu hike; connecting with new people and places; a story told in heaps of laughter.

    So how do we make the time? How do we ensure that which brings us most joy actually happens?

    My philosophy:

    1. Find an open window on the calendar, whether it’s next week or next month, and block it out. Decline any activities or invites during those hours or days that may influence you otherwise.  
    2. Write it down. Even if it’s an idea in the making of somewhere to go, an event you don’t want to miss or someone you’d like to see, write it on the calendar. Schedule it.
    3. Tell someone. Hold yourself accountable to the plan. Rally your friends and family to ensure they know the plan and will help you follow through on it.
    4. Carve out time. While it’s natural to give everything 128%, won’t 98% do? Don’t go overboard on work or tasks that well, in retrospect, won’t be missed if you simply accomplish what is expected. There’s no need to perfect everything, every time.
    5. Don’t think, just do. It’s easy to rationalize why not get up to the mountains, why not spend the extra cash, why not take time away from work or home projects. But in the end, why not!?!

    In 2017, I challenge you to make the time for that which most fulfills you.  And next year at this time, my hopes are, instead of “I guess we’ve never made the time”, to be, “I’m so glad we made the time." This is the time!

    Best to You and Yours this New Year’s Day!