• Update #3: Refer a Friend!

    Hey Lugabug friends! At 9 days out, we’re running hard – and hope you can join us to the finish line!

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    • Step 1. Tell a friend who’s in need of a Lugabug to check us out.
    • Step 2. Tell your friend to mention your name as ‘referred by’ at the time they pledge. 
    • Step 3. We’ll send you a coupon code, good through April 1, 2015.
    • Step 4. Ready, Go! 

  • Kickstarter Update #2

    Hi Lugabug Fans! We’re 21% funded @ 21 days! Lugabug is making its way around the world – from the west to east coast – to Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Singapore! The feedback has been phenomenal and we know people are just as excited about this product as we all are – while a travel chair for the rolling luggage, it can be used as a camping chair, at the beach, and/or re-adjust as a backpack or bag!

    We’re pulling up our boot straps and working hard to creatively leverage all networks through our work, play, music, schools, friends, family, communities, resources… you name it.

    While many Kickstarter campaigns are backed by a company or hire PR experts to further engage their target market – Jon and I are it. We, collectively, are the PR – and that includes you! If you haven’t already, or feel compelled to do it again – share Lugabug with your friends, family and colleagues! We so appreciate every ounce of your efforts and again thank YOU for your contributions.

    We’ve added two more tiers - $1 to involve those who want to be a part of the journey – and a $200 tier to include 3 chairs, a Not-Its! CD and stickers – gift it or donation to a school auction. If you want The Not-Its! CD included in your order, we’ll hook you up. Just let us know!

    Ok friends – off we go! Share it, tweet it, repeat it.

    All your comments and inspiration counts! We’ll be in touch! 

  • Kickstarter Update #1

    Hey Lugabug fans!

    We are moving right along in our campaign with a 13% funding goal achieved and 35 days left. To achieve our goal, we need just 10 backers a day – totally doable! You are each so important to the success of this project – and we so appreciate your support! 

    Today we were guests on the Seattle radio show, Your Big Bold Life – our story is not just about Lugabug but about people taking an idea and moving it to action. The show will air next Friday, 1/30/15 on AM 1150 KKNW.

    We've received wonderful press from our local communities, national blogs and publications - some of which will post early February 2015. 

    Here’s a bit of what’s out there, or coming – Your Big Bold Life, Phinneywood, Go Local – West Woodland, Crown Hill, Posh Brood, Parent Map, Red Tricycle, Cool Mom Picks… in addition to hundreds of social networks, blogs and websites to generate more traffic and interest! 

    We are determined to succeed, and are putting every ounce of energy into doing so. You can help by sharing it, tweeting it and repeating it! Help spread the Lugabug love!